12 Things to Look for in Your Manufacturer’s Rep CRM

manufacturers’ representative’s day-to-day tasks (both administrative and operational) consume crucial time that ultimately hinders productivity. A CRM especially designed for manufacturers’ reps is handy in overcoming these challenges. From keeping track of customers and chasing leads to juggling between jobs and getting sales insights, the right CRM can make all these tasks smoother and more manageable.

Is Your Data Clean? 10 Ways to Stop Database Errors That Cause Lead Leakage! 

Clean data is the unsung hero for manufacturers’ reps, enabling accurate insights, efficient operations, and improved customer relationships. Yet, common database issues like data duplication, deletion, and poor quality often go unnoticed, leading to lead leakage and missed opportunities. In this blog, we delve into these issues and provide expert-recommended practices to maintain clean data effortlessly. From regular audits to automated data cleansing, discover how to keep your database clean and primed for business success.