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Posts tagged with ‘ERP’

  • How To Close More Sales For Your SaaS With A Few Proven Concepts

    By Stephen Hoops on
    For any team that has sacrificed worked hard for their product, launching a new SaaS for any startup can be both terrifying and exhilarating. Assuming that your team has put in the work, refined the product to its absolute highest potential, you have to ask yourself one critical question:   Is my SaaS worth buying?   Your answer depends on […]
  • Cloud ERP v/s On-Premise ERP: Who wins?

    By Kartik Dulloo on
    As a business owner, if you ask me where I belong, I would tell you we belong to the cloud. Oh did I say it wrong? I meant crowd! No! I think I was right. It is cloud. All businesses are rapidly migrating to cloud for faster and easier access to their company data, which they further use for team […]