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  • 5 Notorious Productivity Killers And How To Overcome Them

    By Paul Towers on
    How much success could you achieve in the coming year if you could be more productive each and every day?   Everyone wants to be more productive, the problem is people find it easy to stay focused for a short period of time and then their minds wander.   Being aware of what affects your productivity and how issues in […]
  • How To Close More Sales For Your SaaS With A Few Proven Concepts

    By Stephen Hoops on
    For any team that has sacrificed worked hard for their product, launching a new SaaS for any startup can be both terrifying and exhilarating. Assuming that your team has put in the work, refined the product to its absolute highest potential, you have to ask yourself one critical question:   Is my SaaS worth buying?   Your answer depends on […]
  • How Project Management Software helps drive ROI and helps in Business Growth

    By Kritika Pandey on
    Productivity and efficiency are two major assets of a growing business that is performing exceptionally well. Managing the projects in the organization can boost both productivity and efficiency. Project management allows an organization to use the optimum set of input to generate productive output. According to an article published in Wrike 89% of high performing companies value project management 81% […]
  • 10 Social Recruiting Platforms For Your First Hire

    By Kartik Dulloo on
    According to an answer mentioned in reference, it is estimated that in a world with a gross population of 7.6 billion, 70 percent or more are working. This means that there are approximately 5 billion jobs in the world. And if you are a startup looking for your first hire, you’ll need more patience than you can imagine. Of course, […]