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9 Reasons Why Orgzit Is Better Than Google Spreadsheets

Common sense isn’t common anymore

If you are going to read this till the end, it will be in your interest if you fall in either one of the following categories –

  1. You use Google spread sheets for team collaboration purposes
  2. You are an Orgzit user or you have heard of it/read about it on social media platforms

If you fall in the first category, let me assure you that you undeniably fall in the vast category of people who justify the validity of the aforementioned quote.

Why? According to techtarget, Google spreadsheets is a web-based application that allows users to create, update and modify spreadsheets and share the data live online. Where does it say that it is your Go-To collaboration/project management tool from where you can access everything and anything?

It doesn’t!

See it yet? No?

It’s not about if Google Spreadsheets works best for you or not, it’s about how efficiently and productively can you use Google spreadsheets for the use-cases that you (and most people in the world) use it for as compared to Orgzit.

Orgzit is a platform that allows you, and your team, to organize business data in an orderly fashion (just like Excel/sheets), provides real-time collaboration features (just like Slack/WhatsApp), analyze data/create reports (like Excel/sheets) and overcome the major limitation that puts Google spreadsheets back in the first gear – storage.

Spreadsheets can’t become your database. Orgzit can!

If both spreadsheets and databases play a part in your daily operations, this article might be the gold mine that you were looking for since you started crawling the web looking for an alternative to Google spreadsheets (or Excel) for effective project management purposes.

Here are a few reason how Orgzit can replace Google Spreadsheets/Excel and become your Go-To collaboration tool without going through multiple coding hoops –


Agile Task Management

Many people start using sheets for Task management purposes and end up getting lost in the process.

Yes, Google sheets serves as an awesome platform where you can share one file with all your team members, comment, edit in real-time. You can even assign tasks but with limited capabilities. In Google spreadsheets –

  1. There is no way to schedule the assigned tasks and no way to link a task to a particular project.
  2. Secondly, you are unable to add multiple files in the same record.

You can assign tasks but can’t schedule them

In Orgzit, you can do all this without wandering to another tab. You can collaborate in real-time as well as assign tasks in a particular record there and then – immediately triggering a notification to the user to whom the task has been assigned.


Add multiple files in Orgzit


Add and schedule multiple tasks in Orgzit

Here is video that shows you how –

Now tell me, what do you prefer again?

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Get Your Conversations In One Place

Now let’s say you’ve assigned a lot of tasks to your team members in Google sheets, they have got a lot of emails, and now you want to track the status of all the tasks and the conversations that took place in reverse chronological order. You’ll find it very hard to do that in sheets.

In Orgzit, you can simply see all tasks assigned to you at all three levels- Account Project, and App. You can also keep track of all your discussions in one place with ‘My discussions’ section.


See all discussions you had from all projects from all apps from all records.

Effective Multi-User Collaboration / Defining Access Control for Your Data

Once you start collaborating on sheets, all the members with whom you have shared the link will be able to see the data. Thus, if you want to share only a part of data with your team, and withhold the rest owing to certain administrative reasons, it will be unwise to use Google spreadsheets. There is no way to define who will be able to see what and still collaborate in real-time. This often leads to miscommunication and results in missed strategic opportunities.

What is the use of using a platform when you can’t set permissions?


This is where Orgzit takes the stage and allows you to define role-based access for team members.

In Orgzit, you can define multi-level security to enhance the way data is shared within your organization.

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Simple Project-Task Tracking

Let’s say you are outsourcing content management services from a 3rd party agency and you are collaborating with them on sheets. In order to successfully establish project statuses, you’ll need to define a new field where you will need to manually update the progress one stage to another.


You’ll need to manually enter the data in spreadsheets.

In Orgzit, you can assign different stages to individual projects to track the progress at regular intervals. You can also setup status transition rules and workflows as per your particular business processes and requirements. For example, you can setup controls such that only the QA engineer or Project Manager can change the status of a project to Completed.


You can quickly configure stages in Orgzit

What’s more? You can also define permissions for users to restrict backward action once a project stage has been moved from ‘In progress’ to ‘Completed’. This ensures that there is no constant switching of project statuses.


Automatically Assign Ids & Completion Dates

In the hurry of completing projects and marking it ‘Completed’ in the project statuses, people often forget to keep a track of dates. Ask your QA team the importance of dates when it comes to project timeline is established. And if you work in an agile culture, dates become much more important.

In Google spreadsheets, this functionality requires a formulae setting. You will need to search Google for that and there are always those events when people accidentally edit or delete data from the sheets.

This is where Orgzit comes to your rescue.

In Orgzit, you can automate the process of assigning a date once a project status changes stages.

Moreover, if you want to make some changes in a record in Google spreadsheets, which is linked to a record in another sheet, you will find that it needs add-ins to be installed.

Whereas in Orgzit, with the help of foreign keys (aka Relationships), you can link two records easily.


Maintain A Dedicated Audit Trail / Minute Level History For Auditing

Let’s see! Your company has been under-performing in a project lately. You decide to conduct an internal audit for accounts and project team to encourage transparency and implement accountability. In Google sheets, you’ll have to go through a long list of changes made by who and when, consuming a lot of time –


You’ll need to dig deep in Google spreadsheets

Whereas in Orgzit, you can check detailed record changes in a click of a button, saving you time and providing you that exact piece of information that you were looking for.

You can quickly discover minute details in Orgzit

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Impressive Scalability

When you outsource customer support to an external agency, they would require you to share your existing client database & related information. If you share an over-filed Google spreadsheet with them, don’t be surprised by the blank and surprised look on their faces. In this cloud age, there are very few who wouldn’t.

Secondly, you will also need to draw meaningful analysis from the data you have collected to make informed business decisions. How do you do that on spreadsheets?

Orgzit becomes your digital partner right here. With the ability to customize cloud apps that expertly mimic your business processes and structure, you can use Orgzit for more than just mere project management. What?

  • Successfully use Orgzit as your CRM where you can perform sales funnel management, contact management and other CRM related activities easily.
  • Use Orgzit for recruitment purposes. Add fellow recruiters and efficiently handle the candidate interview process with Orgzit stages feature.
  • Use Orgzit as an IT asset management and keep a track of all the expenses in Orgzit itself
  • Use Orgzit for calculating reimbursements and reduce dependence on paper processes.


Google Sheets & Mobile Is A Bad Combo

For collaboration purposes, it is almost impossible for your team members to participate in a shared sheet discussion in real-time unless he/she is sitting in front of a desktop/laptop. Google sheets on mobile can be hard to understand and use. It is no surprise.

In today’s mobile generation, people prefer the user-friendly interface of a mobile app rather than a web-app.

And that’s exactly what Orgzit provides you.


It can be tough to handle sheets while you are mobile

Orgzit works like a charm on the web app as well as the mobile app, so that despite the remoteness or unavailability of your team at a specific time, you are always connected to them.

In Orgzit, once you assign a task to any of your team member, he/she gets a push notification reminding him with the deadline and description of the task. This ensures that your assigning is always in sync with your team members – whether or not they are online.


Google & China Have A History

Last but not the least, if you are handling a project where the client is located in China (or you have any team members working there), you might be at a collaboration cul-de-sac as Google Suite is completely blocked in China.

Hey, if you want to pay for a VPN for simple project management (sharing files and task management), go right ahead.

But think if you start using Orgzit for the same purpose? You’ll be amazed at how splendidly will you be able to manage your whole project within Orgzit – without being afraid of a security issue in case of a bad VPN. J

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The Cost Factor

Yes, we know you were waiting for that. Google Spreadsheets is free. But the way we think, you might find more value in the packs offered by Orgzit.


Whatever you choose as a project management tool for your business, keep in mind the various parameters mentioned above and well, choose wisely!

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